Rooms of Lu Level 4 Giveaway

I + hurriedly + rush into + alley

I rush into an alley hurriedly, I finally get rid of that dog. But I am feeling that something big is behind me.

old man + quietly + talk to + me

The old man whispers to me "I was a locksmith in a prison, I have changed my profession and I am selling sticky tofu now. I noticed that you are homeless. Let me tell you something, you can unlock the 4th room of Rooms of Lu by entering the password. You have to arrange the sentences in order, then insert the numbers of these sentences in order, and then press 'confirm'."

I + hear + dog barking

I hear a dog angrily barking in a close distance, I leave the telephone booth in haste.

I + inspect + quiet + street

I get lost in an unfamiliar city, there is no person and not even a single car in the street, all shops have been closed, all I see is a telephone booth in front of me.

I + talk to + old man

I talk to the old man "Please forgive me, I just wanted to get rid of the angry dog, I don't mean to intrude into your territory." The old man rises his right hand, I have a bad feeling about this.

I + turn + around

I turn around, I see a plump old man wearing a necklace with three keys, he looks like a local mafia boss.

I + quietly + walk to + telephone booth

I try to dial a number, what am I thinking, I don't have any change.

old man + open + steamer

The old man puts down his right hand, opens the steamer beside him, passes me a dish of stinky tofu. He comes close to me, seems like he wants to tell me something.

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