Newsletter Puzzle 1 – Message in a Bottle

This is the newsletter you will receive when subscribing to us. It's the beginning of our first ever "newsletter puzzle" activity. There is a puzzle in each letter, by solving the puzzle, you will receive the next newsletter. This keeps going until the story ends. The newsletters also tell us one of the backstories of Prison of Word. It's a very interesting way to tell a story, I recommend you go subscribing if you haven't!

The Beginning of The Story ___________________

A man woke up and found himself stranded on an island. He remembered that the ship he took sank into ocean due to very rough sea. Fortunately, he drifted to an island, he had survived the shipwreck.

However, there is no one living in this island, he is stranded on this deserted island. He has something important that needs to be sent to the government, he has to survive and leave this place as soon as possible.

He chopped down the palm trees using flints, cut the tree trunks into pieces to make papers. Then, he used the juice of blackberries as the ink to write words on the papers.


Several days had passed. During these days, he ate the fish he caught in the sea to stay his hunger and drank the juice from the coconuts to quench his thirst.

There are many boxes of bottles near the coast. It seems that those bottles are from a cargo ship that sank nearby. He filled some bottles with the letters he wrote, threw them into the ocean, hoped that they would be picked up by someone.


Let more people subscribe to us to increase the chance of him being rescued!

The ocean is the mailman of the island, you will receive his bottles regularly. Let's hope that we will be able to find his location and rescue him someday. If you didn't receive some of the bottles, you can check them on our website, we also back up the bottles that he had sent before.
The above content is sheer fabrication and any resemblance with any real names herein is purely coincidental.
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