Newsletter Puzzle 1 – Bottle 1 Twitter Post

Welcome to Albatross Express! We deliver our customers’ numbers to far destinations through albatrosses. We have the following three albatrosses for the customers to choose from, their numbers are 241, 313, 383, respectively. To avoid messages from being intercepted and stolen by hunters, we request our customers to multiply their numbers by the number of the albatross they chose, then tie the number on the albatross’ feet to deliver the number.

However, due to technical difficulties, albatrosses don’t know their own number, they will try to divide the number on their feet by 241, 313 and 383 when they arrive at the destination. When they find the one that can divide the number, they will report the quotient to the recipient. Please make sure that after multiplying the number you want to send by the number of the chosen albatross, the product won’t be divisible by more than one number of all albatrosses, the albatrosses couldn’t tell which quotient is the right one.

Please multiply the number you want to send by the number of the albatross you chose, then reply the product as the answer under the “The First Bottle” newsletter, once the answer is correct, the bird will take off.